1984 Shamrock 20' Walk-Thru Cuddy

Brought home May 15, 2018 from Pensacola, FL! Thank you to Steve, the former owner!

It's not perfect, but when you buy used, or vintage, you don't expect it to be. I started working for Pop Yachts, and the purchase of my own boat was one of my first deals! To see what I have listed for sale, contact me to find your own boat or RV!



The Bow Needs Some Resealing Done...

Definitely some work needed on all of the wood. I am going to sand it all down to get rid of the varnish, and just oil it every season. To me, that is the easiest maintenance. You add some bleach to a spray bottle filled with water, spritz it, wipe it down ten minutes later, let it dry - oil and done!

To get to that point on the Sea Maid however, I need to cut off all the unused, rusted snap caps, fix all the breaks in the teak swimstep and bench seat, fix/repair all the gaps/breaks, sand it all down, then oil and replace.


Cuddy Cabin

While the PO only used it as a water taxi to get to the bayside bar on the Gukf Coast, I will be using it for excursions on Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana.

First thing I did was clean everything out, then made a cushion so I can nap out on the water! Priorities! :D


I picked Sea Maid up in Pensacola, FL and brought him home on May 16, 2018! It was an uneventful drive, thankfully.

Everything made it home in one piece!