All The Teak...

All of the teak on the boat needs to be redone. Teak can last forever - with proper care. The PO told me it broke when his wife boarded from the swimstep (also broken). She was.... ahem.... a little on the heavy side. The teak is all varnished and showing wear, which would then need to be sanded down, varnished, varnished, varnished... every year or two. Probably every year where we leave in humid-all-year-long Slidell, Louisiana. Our water here is brackish, so not as bad as salt. But still.

In my experience with teak, if I use teak oil on it, which still requires the sanding down this first time, the maintenance changes to spritzing it down with a bleach/water mixture, letting it sit for 10min or so, wipe it down, and reapply the teak oil.


  Watco Teak Oil



The Bench Seat...

This is the second project for the boat I completed. I'll come back and post the first one a little later. It was more of an add-on item, you'll see! The bench seat and swimstep are both very broken and need repair; I feel mostly a design flaw on the swimstep, but really - they could not handle the weight load being asked of them. Here is how the Bench started, click here.


The Swim Step...

On to the swim step. Here is what it looks like at the start:

The Swim Step's beginning point can be seen here.


Looking for a Boat?

When I started this, I was looking for a sailboat. I have changed my mind. This is the best mix for my all-year use for all of the activities I want to do.

I've decided to get involved with Sea Scouts, still trying to work out those details, and how involved I wish to be. But at least then I gain access to sailboats!

If you want or need help, contact me at my POP Yachts email by clicking here.


Our Other Projects

To see our other projects unrelated to the boat, click here.





Do Your Research!

If you're considering a boat purchase, I advise you to check your skillset first! The biggest reasons that I chose this one:

  • I'm restoring a '64 Ford Falcon Convertible with a 289 engine in it, I already know how to work on this boat's Ford 302.

  • We own '93 Dana Arrow Jet Boat with a closed water cooled system like this has, again similar experience already.

  • I love all things vintage, and this fits. I have the skills to refinish, rework the wiring, whatever it needs. Those things I may not know or want to do, I will figure it out with help!

The help: I joined two Shamrock Boat Owner's Forums:

Should you wish to contact me there, my username is geekgirl on both!