We ALL need good tunes!

I am adding some sound to the Sea Maid. I need my music! So I ordered a 3' gauge-pod-style Pyle stereo, with LED illuminated speakers. Pyle driver, Enrock Speakers, Marine Grade wiring ordered and delivered. Now it just needs to be a little cooler, and a lot less humid out, for me to do the install!

Enrock Marine Speakers

I'm always willing to help someone out. I have installed probably 50 car stereos of multi-level values - be it expensive or a cheapy hold-over. Either for myself or for friends. I have owned 45 cars and boats, and needed tunes in them all! Want to work with me? Let's build a project together. I can give you a quote. I'll post the finished pic here once I get this install done!


For example: the windscreen could use some love...

  • All of the hardware is rusting, the center door has been replaced with plexiglass that is doing that spiderweb thing it loves to do. It could all deal with some attention. I will probably try to have some friends help remove it all in its entirety to ensure that it is sealed appropriately underneath it. The bow area cannot really be walked upon at this time - it's a good thing it has such great space on the aft deck!

I love the amount of wood on the Sea Maid!

  • The wood has been varnished... and not really addressed since then - a few years ago - so it is developing white spots and the like, all over.
  • My plan, as you may have already read elsewhere on the site is to sand it all down and oil it.
  • Every six months or so, as necessary.

On or Offline

  • On paper or in the Cloud, I needed a place to store all of the info my brain no longer holds on to, honestly it never really did. Ask me while I'm actively working on it, and I can tell you parts numbers and more. Give it a month away from that project, and I cannot remember ANYTHING! I knew exactly how many and what size screws were missing on this doghouse and deck assembly. Now, I need to figure out what screws were in everything. They were all removed prior to a service that never happened, and only a few were recoverable.

Swimstep is in Distress

  • I'll have a Projects page for this one after I complete the Bench. This I blame on a design flaw - very *heavy* usage on it, and it cracked all along the rear spine attachment. There are a lot of resources online of people who have already been through what I am. I use their knowledge to skip to the end - the best methods.

Do You Need Some Help on Your Repair?

Let's discuss it!

For my repair here on this seat, it probably took me a total of 24 hours or so worth of work. Spread across a few days due to drying and/or curing time. Of course, I did it in my spare time so these few days was spread across 2 weeks! But... the point is, if you need help, we can discuss an hourly rate if you are happy with my results shown here. Contact me to discuss your project! I'm no expert but I feel I do a good job, and do it right the first time! As many trips to Home Depot as it takes!

Finished Bench Seat

Onward to the Next Project!

The Swim Step!

The Swim Step will get the same treatment as the Bench Seat did. Hopefully it won't take as long! Now I will have to decide which ladder to keep on it!

Swim Step

The Best Project for Me? The Stereo!

I can't wait to be out on the water relaxing, fishing, sunning!

I ordered everything from Amazon, including marine-grade, waterproof wiring. Now all I need is for a nice cool day to install it! These 100+ days here in Southeastern Louisiana, whew it is HOT!

Enrock Speakers

Image Image Image Image

Known Issues: Current or Future Projects

Bench and Swimstep: both broken, need sanding, repairing, refinishing, resealing, and finally, reattaching.

Bow Deck: all attached items need to be removed, resealed, and replaced. Water has penetrated under the bow, so the fiberglass needs to be removed and repaired; rebuilt.

Cuddy Cushion: cut and made a new cushion; non-existent. Added -pillows.

Prop: bronze prop need to evaluate and find a prop shop to possible rehone it to 'proper' size for the boat setup.

Wiring: luckily the wiring is all new, but is a mess. Needs to be redone, cut to length, protected. Remove unused wiring for non-existent lighting.